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Scholz & Friends Amsterdam, represented by WEBER Creatives, is an independent partner of the Scholz & Friends European Network. As a network partner, WEBER Creatives is responsible for the national adaptation of the network’s campaigns.

In addition to this, to serve its own clients, the agency collaborates with network partners in the 27 member states of the EU and all other international agencies of Scholz & Friends. Therefore, WEBER Creatives/Scholz & Friends can be your strong business partner to open up European markets as WEBER Creatives offers the entire spectrum of communication instruments one-stop. Creative, orchestrated and efficient.

The Scholz & Friends Network provides all disciplines under one umbrella. A True “Orchestra of Ideas”. Scholz & Friends is synonymous with orchestrated communication. Imagine the brand idea as the conductor, with the agency playing the part of the orchestra.


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WEBER is part of the S&F network
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