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WEBER Creatives is not your run of the mill ad agency; first and foremost we consider ourselves to be creatives. Since our inception in 2001 we have helped medium and large national and international clients in directing and building their brands, by starting to tear away the lines between providing traditional marketing and working as a full-fledged business development partner. We shy away from the traditional client-agency relationship and love to develop value for ourself, and our clients.

Our activities are grouped into four business units: concepting, advertising, a studio specialized in design, film & animation and PR&PA.


Since out of the box thinking is so entangled in our DNA, we can't help not to use it as the fundemental layer in generating new ideas and developing new concepts. We use our own initiative, developing and presenting new ideas, concepts and directions in a clear, open and positive manner. WEBER Creatives sees vision as a snapshot of an imagined future. It can be inspiring and motivating. We can help you restore your vision, due to our natural curiosity and imagination.


Disruptive advertising is one of the special areas of WEBER Creatives. Brands live and die in the mind of your customers, and we can help you make yours vital and resilient. It is our purpose to help our clients broaden their horizons, grow their business and enrich their customers lives. Brands are a promise, if you can't keep it, don't make it. We can help you restore your vision, due to our natural curiosity and imagination.


Operating from Groningen, the Netherlands, our team of art- and creative directors leads our in-house studio. Here, our designers can create anything from a sophisticated logo, magazine, website or print advertising, to a full scale brand experience. Partnered with our 2- and 3D animators, cameramen and editors they're also able to to create top notch video and 3D productions in a remarkable short time.


PR is way more than sending out a press release, It's about storytelling in a really compelling way, and finding new ways to spread word of mouth, based on original ideas and perspectives, accompanied with the right images and visuals. We live in a visionary world. Therefore WEBER Creatives creates big ideas that drive great PR.

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WEBER was born with pro-activeness and out of the box thinking in its DNA, and using this we create unique and exciting ways to tell your story.


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