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Tango Démasqué

In 2008, commissioned by the Philips business-unit up-market flat TV, WEBER Creatives produced the film Tango Démasqué. The assignment was to create a short film to demonstrate the range of possibilities of the Philips Aurea Ambilight series, for an audience of Philips retailers and prospects. The film Tango Démasqué was internationally awarded at the New York Festivals.


“I can resist everything except temptation!” – Oscar Wilde once wrote. It was this famous quote which formed the inspiration for the concept of Tango Démasqué. In line with the overall marketing concept “seduction by light” of the Aurea TV, WEBER Creatives created a concept that emphasizes both the ideas of seduction and the light that gets emitted by the TV. It resulted in the story of a woman who walks into a bar and gets seduced while dancing a tango. The movement of the dancing couple combined with the light effects and colors reflecting on the surroundings, accentuate the qualities of the Ambilight TV.


The entire production was completed within a time-frame of only three months. The highlight of this production-process was a three-day shoot in Rotterdam, where the film was shot with an international crew. Careful preparations included the designing and building of the set, importing the Venetian masks from Venice and dancing lessons for the protagonists, even-though the close-ups of the tango dance steps were filmed with the help of stand-inns. The beautiful dresses by Lanvin and the luxurious jewelry by Lorenz Bäumer, added to the exclusive and extravagant look and feel. The production was completely shot with Thomson Viper and Phantom HD cameras and the music was exclusively composed for this film.


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