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Koga Signature

In a timeframe of only three months WEBER Creatives produced this timeless and multipurpose video for the introduction of the ‘Koga Signature’ website. On this website visitors can create their own bike by selecting all the parts from a number of objects available. When that process is completed, they can submit a text that will be printed onto the frame, hence the name “Koga Signature”.


To capture the process of selecting parts for a custom-made bicycle WEBER Creatives created a virtual warehouse and production facility, all in grey and white. Only the selected parts are shown in color and texturing. Whilst browsing through the different parts, graphics from the website show information about the selected part.

After selecting three parts the viewer is brought to the center of the facility where the assembling of the bike takes place. When the bike is completed, it’s time to place a signature on the bike. The autograph of the ‘engineer’ is put on a card hanging from the side of the bike to illustrate the fact that the bike is hand-built and custom-made.


The bicycle in this movie is made using CAD files as well as models we made from scratch. Our creative team had to do some tweaking on the CAD files to prevent triangulation but it made a huge difference in total production time.

During the modeling of the bicycle WEBER Creatives already made a start with the animation of the first scenes. This was possible because we used mainly camera-animation. The animation of bicycle-parts was done using placeholders for the parts that weren’t ready.

The complexity of the bike and the rest of the scene forced us to cut up scenes in separate layers. The parts had their own pass and so had the environment. In some scenes the environment is divided into two passes. Also the ambient occlusion had a separate pass. All the rendering was done in our own render-farm and took approximately two weeks.

During the process of rendering, the scenes that were done immediately went through compositing. All the separate passes then came together to form the final result.

This WEBER Creatives production was awarded at the New York Festivals.


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