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Philips Masterpieces

Concept and synopsis

The significance of the film ‘Masterpieces’ is the integration of ‘film reality’ into the real world. The film is about a spy trespassing a building, looking for the high tech secrets of the new Philips TV-range. At the end of the film the spy is almost caught, yet just before the guards enter she manages to slip away through a shaft. The screen turns black and all the viewers hear is the sound of alarms.


The viewing booth in which the viewers have watched the film stays dark. When the lights are turned on the viewers find themselves in exactly the same room the spy has just escaped from. A host enters the room and proudly presents Philips’ newest televisions.
Through making the viewing booth part of the film, the viewer becomes part of film’s story. The film introduces the new Philips television-range and is especially produced for Europe’s biggest International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA 2010) in Berlin.


The film is targeted at Philips’ worldwide sales managers and therefore needs to be informative about the television’s specifications. We have chosen to let the storyline evolve around a spy who’s trying to find out the secrets of the new Philips TV-range. A point-of-view perspective is used, so the viewer gets to see what the spy sees. By using the goggles of the spy as a high-tech analyzing instrument we present all specifications of the televisions, while maintaining an exciting blockbuster signature style. The integration of reality and film (read: booth and Lab-room) did add a new dimension in a rather traditional way of presenting new products.


The production of ‘Masterpieces’ took only six weeks, which is notable looking at the result. Another aspect to be noticed is a special role for the music and the sound effects: bridging film and reality, when the virtual “spy game” is over but a real “sales game” begins… Furthermore, our sound design’s main focus on the surround effects is adapted to the viewing booth’s characteristics (dogs’ barking comes from the door, for example).Besides the introduction at the IFA, the film can be shown for multifunctional purposes like trade exhibitions, showrooms etc.


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