Mascots Asian Beach Games 2010


In December 2010 the Asian Beach Games took place in Oman. For this event, organized by the Asian Olympic Committee, WEBER Creatives was asked to design three mascots that represent three local endangered species: the Tahr (Arabic Goat), the Houbara (big Asian bird) and the Green Turtle. These mascots were to carry out the Beach Games’ theme: “Together We Shine”.


The committee was impressed by earlier WEBER Creatives cartoon drawings and wanted their threesome to be designed in a similar style. The underlying conceptual principle was to design the mascots as serious, but happy, positive and sporty animals. Approachable for Asia’s youngest sports fans that in a playful way would learn more about the animals and their unique position in the Omani ecosystem.


WEBER Creatives designed the mascots to make serious environmental issues ‘fun’ and interesting for the Asian youth. The hand-drawn animals, AL-Reeh (Houbara), Al-Jebel (Tahr) and Al-Med (Green Turtle), shone on posters, websites and in real life (cartoon suits!) during the games, both making the games approachable for the youngest Asians and underlining the need for attention to these endangered species. We also developed a ‘children’s play book’ in which children could learn more about the three animals and the beach games through and adventurous comic, fun board games and a coloring. The book even contained postcards that the children could send their friends. This campaign around the three mascots that underline both the Beach Games’ theme and the need to stay focused on environmental issues was critically acclaimed and even won the price for ‘Best Green Initiative of 2010’.


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