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Philips – Aurea Sirenes

Awarded at The New York Festivals, WEBER Creatives proudly presents the Aurea Sirenes launch film. The film is a translation of the payoff “seduction by light” into a story about a siren that seduces the viewer by her sensual movements and her control of light and special effects, only to discover at the end that she embodies the true power of the AUREA.


The entire production from start to finish took just six weeks, because of a tight deadline from the client. To create the slow-motion effect of the movements, the film was shot under water in a diving tank, normally used to train diving-professionals. The model had no diving experience, so a training day was organized, to make sure she learned how to move underwater and knew how to breathe with the help of diving-equipment. Also, the dress that was crucial in accentuating the movements, had to be drenched the day before, to eliminate the possibility of bubbles during the shoot. During the underwater-shoot the model was assisted by a professional diver, who provided her with oxygen. In postproduction, the diver and tank were removed, the hand movements were tracked and the light streaks were generated from her hand movements. The production was awarded a Gold and Silver award during the New York Festivals 2008.


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