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Named after the famous little boy who once put his finger in a levee to prevent a flood, Brinker will be the heart of innovation and sustainability. In 2012 Brinker will be located as the World Sustainability Centre on the Dutch ‘Afsluitdijk’ and be an inspiring experience centre to people as well as organizations.

The initiative will be the heart of an cooperation that involves partners from science, public authorities and economic life. All partners will be dedicated to find new ways to a more sustainable world. Brinker will bring synergy between these organizations and will be a birth place of sustainability projects and sustainable economic activities. Key focus of Brinker is to create awareness of sustainability and being a platform for sustainable solutions.

Based on four themes, water, energy, food and nature, the centre will engage people and organizations and inform them about the relevance as well as the enjoyable aspects of preservation in our modern world. Also, Brinker will be a physical meeting point for relevant sessions and boost innovative ideas in a multidisciplinary way.

Based on our own dedication to this project, WEBER Creatives delivered an unique virtual experience for Brinker. This virtual experience is the first step towards the physical sustainability centre on the ‘Afsluitdijk’. Please feel welcomed by Mr Ruud Koornstra, our virtual spokesman. He is one of the most enthusiastic green entrepreneurs in The Netherlands and ambassador of Brinker.

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