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Philips Reveal

For an international Philips Fair in Barcelona 2011, WEBER Creatives produced a cycle of videos for Male Grooming Philips products, such as electrical shavers and trimmers.

Philips Male Grooming

In this video three different story lines take place in China, Germany and Hawaii, they bring a simple but clear strategic message to the fair participants and all viewers of the video: “whenever, wherever, Philips Male Grooming”. The choice was conscious, because whatever your mission, occupation and age are, Philips has the professional grooming tools you need for every inch of your face and body.

With the approval from the client we have chosen a Chinese businessman from Hong-Kong who needs a clean shave for a business deal negotiation; a German (e.g. European) young man who prefers a stubble style and likes to party; and a young surfer from Honolulu who uses Philips products for body grooming.

Behind the scenes

The video was filmed within two days in the Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam Airport, just before Christmas. Despite the holiday busyness of the hotel and a very tight schedule for filming in its suites, wellness rooms, bathrooms and a beach club build-up in a corner of the reception – both hotel and WEBER Creatives film & production crews completed the shoot successfully.

Special notes for the website viewers

This video version is a special re-edit for online usage due to the copyrights. The original movie is still played on the 12 m x 3 m screen at Barcelona International Philips Fair.

Special thanks to Harriet Koopman, General Manager Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam Airport.


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