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KOGA-Spyker Aeroblade

Some years ago, two clients approached WEBER Creatives with a request for extra PR possibilities: Koga Miyata & Spyker Cars. Instead of looking for conventional PR instruments or a press meeting, WEBER Creatives created a concept for the “Aeroblade”.


Both brands had their own goals: Koga wanted to show the expertise of Koya bikes, and Spyker wanted to create more awareness of their brand. Both Koga and Spyker were aiming at an international audience, by international press and media. Studying the DNA of both Dutch companies, WEBER Creatives came to the conclusion that both parties are among the best in their fields, delivering top-quality design and handmade products. Spyker, originally coming from the aircraft industry, now specializes on the design and production of exclusive sport cars. Ever since it’s founding in 1974, Koga Miyata has been one of the most influential bicycle manufacturers within the sports cycling industry. Both Koga Miyata and Spyker have three principles: quality, design and fun.


Creating the best bicycle for Spyker with the help of Koga Engineers, resulted in what could probably be best described as worlds most exclusive bicycle. Largely build from valuable aircraft materials, this limited edition bicycle with a circulation of only 50, was sold out within three weeks! Next to that, almost every self respecting bicyle-, gadget-, fashion-, lifestyle- and sports-magazine in the world paid attention to the introduction of the Aeroblade. Moreover, our pride has won a Red Dot Design award!


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