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Every year the Consumer Electronics division of Philips launches a new chipset for its top of the line LCD TV’s. In the winter of 2008/2009 we produced a 3D animation video to accompany the launch of the 2009 chipsets. The video premiered at a large internal Philips fair and emphasizes Philips role as a leading innovator on the market.


Inspired by science fiction, WEBER Creatives came up with the idea of a futuristic testing facility. In this facility the chips fly through a long hallway towards special testing stations. The hallway symbolizes the long road of experience and milestones that led to the creation of the new chips. At the end of the hallway the chips enter a room with a testing-device and big screen.
Whilst the chips are mounted, the screens above the testing stations show video-clips that emphasize the performance of the chips in question. The video-clips contain graphics that appear to be test results, and the final outcome of these test are the specific features of the chip.


A lot of modeling was needed in the first phase of the project. The different rooms had to be designed and the testing facilities as well as the chips needed to be modeled.
In the second phase the whole video had to be animated. The flying chips, giant screens and doors had to move at the right way at the right time.

Based on the timing of the animation, the graphics and video clips were made. A pre-edit was put together with the use of concept renders. After the approval by Philips we could start the final rendering. In total the rendering took more than two weeks. With the final renders done and composited, we made the final edit in full HD.


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